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Bird in Hand Media is a social media, digital media, web development, consumer data, analytics & digital campaign management firm located in Rockford, Illinois.

We are writers, designers, builders, strategists, conversation-starters & storytellers. We are passionate about our clients. And through our commitment to consultative and collaborative partnerships, deeply knowledgeable about their businesses and markets.

What We Believe

We Believe in the Power of Conversation and Engagement to build vibrant communities. We believe in action and innovation that outpaces the technology impacting human interaction. We believe in being our clients’ most passionate advocates, brand-evangelists and cheerleaders. We believe service, skill and passion have nothing to do with size.

Our Mission

Bird in Hand Media was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to take our mega-agency and publisher skills, experience & networks and apply them to a boutique-agency. For our clients, this means exceptional service, engagement, support and collaboration. For our team members, it means opportunity to innovate, invent, create, build our community, pursue passions & make it to school plays and soccer games.

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This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.

Gary Lew




We believe our work speaks for itself and seek out the best partners to get us there. Here is who we associate with.


WestRock Wake Park

WestRock Wake Park

RPS - 205

RPS - 205

Chartwell Agency

Chartwell Agency

Spring Creek Development Group

Spring Creek Development Group

Byron Forest Preserve

Byron Forest Preserve

JKB Experiential Education Foundation

JKB Experiential Education Foundation



SharpUSA - Aquos Crystal

SharpUSA - Aquos Crystal


What We Do

We Innovate

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Web & App Development
Interactive Virtual Imaging

We don’t simply keep up with trends in technology.  We propel them forward.  No matter what we’re designing, building, or dreaming – SEO-rich, visually stunning websites, Interactive 3D Virtual Models, seamless Social Media Integration Tools and everything else forward– everything we do is with end-user experience in mind.

Our commitment to thoughtful innovation sets us apart from other developers. Our products are beautiful, intuitive and technology-forward. Most importantly, they’re useful. Whoever said it’s necessary to sacrifice form for function has never been our client.

We Innovate


Digital & Social Media Management

Digital and Social Media have taken control of the conversation. Consumers tell a brand’s story. A brand’s management of their digital presence is vital to how that story is told.

Our ability to target early-adopters and influencers via social and digital media puts our customers back in control of their branding and messaging. We do this in a way that feels relevant, personal, and genuine to consumers because our methods are just that: relevant, personal, and genuine. And we do it where your customers live – online.

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Marketing & Targeting Strategy

In today’s cluttered & noisy digital marketplace, precision is more important than ever before.

We cut through the noise & clutter with analytics-driven strategies that get brands noticed, engage users, & turn fans into brand-evangelists.

We understand the difference between volume & engagement. We spot influencers & early-adopters.  We know how to start the conversations that earn brand recognition & loyalty.  By collaborating with our clients & traditional media agencies, we develop strategies that make sure the right message is delivered to the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform.

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Measurement, Data & Analytics

Data. Graphs. Charts. Numbers. Trends.  The amount of information available to businesses is at a higher volume than ever before.  But what does it all mean?

We find insight and order in data.  Our Measurement and Analytics Products deliver the audience and media insights critical to assessing the competition, identifying successful marketing strategy, establishing benchmarks and keeping track of resources.  This allows our customers to establish targeted, nuanced communications strategies, engage critical influencers, and enhance user experiences.

We Evaluate

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Services Offered


Web & App Development
Interactive Virtual Imaging

Website Analysis

SEO – User Experience – Technology

Digital Infrastructure Analysis

Website Design & Development

App Design & Development

Virtual Interactive Imaging

Hosting & Support


Digital & Social Media Management

Display – Mobile – Native – Social – Video – Interactive

Search Engine Keyword & Relevancy Optimization

Community Management

Engaging Creative & Content Production

Word-of-Mouth Viral & Pop Culture Strategy

Paid Amplification

Monitoring, Measurement & Analysis

User-Experience Management

Editing, Content Writing & Blog Management


Marketing & Targeting Strategy

Consumer Outreach

Media Creative

Event Promotion

Pop Culture Penetration

Word-of-Mouth & Viral Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing

Social Media Strategies

Digital & Interactive Campaigns

Emerging Media Initiatives


Measurement & Analytics

Traditional, Digital & Social Media Analysis

Data Analysis

Competitor Analysis & Monitoring

Focus Groups – Opinion Polling – Surveys

Concept & Message Testing

Community Management Analysis & Tracking

Media Monitoring & Measurement Tool Audits

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There are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.

Thomas A. Edison

We  Live in Rockford


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